CrowdNinja Bot

The Telegram Bot that provides chat management, social features, games, and blockchain data!

Unified features

One bot, many features

Don't rely on multiple Telegram bots to meet your group needs.

CrowdNinja has it all.

Chat management screenshot
Automate the tedious

Chat Management

CrowdNinja streamlines chat management, allowing you to focus on meaningful conversations.

  • Captchas & Portal to greet new users, and confirm they're human.
  • Spam Protection to keep your chat clean and organized for your community.
  • Keywords save a message to resend important messages with a memorable command.
  • User Actions allow you to quickly ban, mute, kick and warn your users.
  • Anti-Flood Control to protect from a rapid succession of messages from a user.
  • Prune to remove users who haven't been active in your group.
  • Admins Don't DM so let you users know this with a customisable warning message.
New buy screenshot
Essential data delivered to your group


Provides seamless access to real-time blockchain token data.

  • Multi-Chain - ETH, BSC, Base and Avalanche.
  • Buy Bot informs your users of a new buy for your crypto token.
  • Stake Bot for new deposits made into your staking contract.
  • Competitions to engage new buys and staking - Largest, Next, Last, Raffle!
  • GWEI Tracker stay up-to-date with current gas values.


View the latest price for a token.


Displays token supply information. Including custom API generation.


1d, 7d or 30d price chart.


Displays DEX and the actual sold token for a buy.


Set custom banner, emoji, thresholds, DEX, Trackers and more.


Near instant notifications.

Features 03
Unwind, and connect with your community


Unleash the fun, elevate interactions by making them enjoyable and also rewarding.

  • Tips to send tokens as a thank you to another user.
  • Games & Airdrops to challenge and reward with Blitz, Showdown, Strike, Zero is Hero, and many more!
  • Competitions to reward gamers based on leaderboard positions.

Game Library


Blitz and Strike.


8 games, including Hextris, Lava Run and Snake.


Dice Party.


Zero is Hero, Dicey Heights, Jackpot Roll and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Features 02
Socially Enhanced. Engage Together.


Transform your group into a social hub and amplify engagement.

  • Raid X and set like, retweet, reply and bookmark targets to boost Twitter engagement.
  • Stream Notifications to be first to know when Twitch and Kick streams go live.
  • Links - Set your social media accounts and grow your following.
Get started

Setup is easy

You can be up and running in minutes

1. Add to group

  • a. Click the link above to open in Telegram.
  • b. Type /start
  • c. Click + Add bot to group
  • d. Choose group and make admin

2. Configure

Personalise your experience

  • a. Click Setup Bot on the welcome message
  • b. Tweak the settings as you please